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What We Do

Madison Behavioral Therapy specializes in child and adolescent therapy, behavioral therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, expressive arts therapy, family therapy, and parent consultation. We use a wide variety of evidence base practices with our clients. We work individually with children, adolescents, young adults, families, and parents.

Who We Serve

Child Playing

Child Therapy

We see children as young as 3+ years. We understand children this age are uniquely special and may require extra care and support from family developing treatment modalities that properly address issues.

Adolescent Therapy

We use a variety of treatment modalities for our clients such as art therapy, therapeutic games, and traditional talk therapy. We understand teens are trying navigate through many challenges in life. Our services allow clients to overcome obstacles, improve self-confidence, and establish a sense of purpose.

Family with Tablet

Family & Parent Support

We believe that when working with a child/adolescent it is essential to have the parents involved in this process so the child can be supported outside of therapy. We understand that parenting is hard, so we will provide support for you as a parent and allow you to process your experiences and gain skills to manage your child's behavior's better.

Take a Look Inside Our Office

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